Industrial Advisory Board

Co4AIR project aims to investigate the theory-practice gap in the teaching of Co3 in control. For bridging this gap and respond to industry requirements, the project Co4AIR focuses on:

  • linking education and skill level to research, case exposure and skill praxis
  • identifying key competence to overcome the plurality within the field Co3 in control
  • designing and developing new pedagogical tools integrating innovative and multi-sectorial material



Several aspects of Co3 in control are in need of an integrated and practical approach in order to meet the concrete demands of the industry, and better integrate students in this complex and flourishing labor market.

In order to ensure the quality of Co4AIR tools and activities, Co4AIR consortium involves members from the Industry in their quality assurance. That’s how our Co4AIR Industrial Advisory Board was created.

The aim of the Industrial Advisory Board is to bring together experts from different fields of application. This body provides clear guidance to support improving Co4AIR tools, in line with current needs of the labour market related to Co3 in Control.

  • Online surveys: This method optimizes the use of time and focuses on high priority project activities. Feedback are automatically collected online and shared with the consortium for planning further improvement. Online surveys require fewer resources for Co4AIR consortium and are free-of-charge for participants.

  • Diversity of participants: Working online guarantee the diversity of our Co4AIR Industrial Advisory Board. Participants get involved on voluntary basis. They hold various positions in different fields of application in Co3. They come from different European enterprises.